Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Last Of The Quilts

I can't even believe that this chick has yet another large quilt in the same show.  Her other one was 'Late Autum' that I finished up the other blog of the quilts in Chicago with it.  This adorable  quilt is called 'Christmas Song For You' and the quilters name is Hiromi Yokota.  This was completely done by hand.

It was hand appliquéd, hand pieced,
hand candlewicked, hand emproidered and hand quilted.
The attention to detail is unbelievable.

I am exhausted just looking at it!

'Bits and Ripples' was done by Alison Schmidt.
She actually got the idea for these bits of rectangular blocks from a patchwork book!

Hannah Talecki titled this work 'Hugs and Hugs' and used the fabrics from a Modern Quilt Guild challenge that was called Habitat.

The name of this is pretty lengthy ' Rainy Day - San Francisco Monday October 25, 2010' by Sally Wright.  It is raw edge fused and printed digital images were also used; hence the exacting work.

This is a happy quilt done by Diane Melms and is called 'Brazen Blossoms'.

This variation of Karen Stone's New York Beauty pattern is called 'Sheila's Garden' and was done by Tina Curran.

That's the end of the show as far as quilts go but I do have lots of photos of the stuff that caught my fancy in the venders section.  That'll come up next..

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