Thursday, August 01, 2013


Ever since my mom died, I have had this gargantuan need to purge myself of things!  I realized that all
the stuff I have, and we all have it, is just a nuisance to those that are left behind.  That, and the dust collecting, and the possibility that all those things that we had to have could actually be useful to someone else.  So gradually I have been going through stuff and dealing with it.  I have given a couple dozen sewing machines (mostly toy machines and featherweights) to my son in law to sell on eBay.  It  makes the studio so much less cluttered.

I have gone through fabric and given stuff I know I won't use it to local teaching facilities, so that they can incorporate fabric into the curriculum, therefore aiding in the love of fiber.
I have donated dozens of books that I had interest in at one time and then my focus became someplace else and the books became just more 'stuff'.  I have come such a long way.  The studio hardly resembles itself.  It's easier to clean.  I need to address this design wall tho'.  All the things I have up on it are not distractions but they certainly get in the way when I need to hang a quilt.  My thought now is to put up a small design wall or two and save the big one for the current project or to photograph.  I just had an idea; why not have a portable wall that will sit just in front of this one with all my inspirations on it and that can be moved aside when the big wall is needed.  Yeah!  I love the idea.  My day has taken on a whole new focus.


Gayle from MI said...

Many moons ago, Melody Johnson had pictures of a great portable wall on her blog. I have it somewhere but I am not at home right now. I'll look for it, or maybe she still has it. Had how the womans husband made it and everything.

Synthia said...

Thanks, Tommy. I needed that lecture on decluttering. I admire your being able to get so much done. I'm going to start with some baby steps.