Friday, August 09, 2013

Duck Dynasty

I have a cute story to tell you. I went to the beach for some exercise and came upon a mallard duck and her four babies. They were going into the surf and getting pushed back to the beach repeatedly for probably thirty times as I watched them. It seemed so ridiculous that they would repeat the same thing over and over with the exact same results. It was cute tho and as I powered my way down the beach I thought about those crazy ducks. I was a bit anxious and wanted to see them on my return as they were very close to my house. As I neared them, there was a young couple there, saying how cute they were and all. I told them that I lived close and was gonna go and get my camera. They said that they too were close as they were visiting my neighbors. They were concerned that if they left, the ducks would be gone. I told them that they were doing the same thing an hour ago when I first saw them and so the chances were pretty good that they would still be there in the next five minutes.
I went home and got my phone because I wanted to make a movie of the craziness of them.  I have the movies but could not get the blog to accept them.  Anyway, while I was back out there, one little baby (this one in the picture) broke away from it's siblings and mom.  The mom and the other three proceeded to do the -go in the water and have the surf push them back onto the beach- for awhile.

 When the mom noticed the baby off on it's own, she just looked at it and started down the beach followed by the other three babies.  She was probably a block away when even I got bored with the situation and decided to go into the house and call the DNR (not do not resuscitate but rather Department of Natural Resources) because I didn't want the chick to be on it's own but also I know that if you touch a baby bird the parent will never come back for it and I didn't want that to happen.  The DNR told me that they knew what they were doing and just to leave it alone.  So I did.

I took a shower and looked out the window and noticed that the same young couple were taking pictures of the mom and three babes a couple blocks down the beach.  I watched the whole process where they noticed a kid missing, found the kid, picked up the kid and carried it the three blocks or so down the beach to the mom and sibs and I caught up with them (by running out of the house like a lunatic).  They said that the mom accepted the kid back in the fold and down the beach the five of them went.

It was very cute.  My question is, what was the duck and her kids doing at the beach?  It is much more like an ocean than a typical watering hole for ducks.  VaCa maybe?

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dee said...

the mental picture of you running down the beach with the abandoned duck....seriously, you are so freakin' funny. In my next life I want you to be my next door neighbor