Friday, August 02, 2013

Follow Through

Wow, I can't remember waking up to rain in a very long time. We definitely get more rain in season in Florida than we get here in Northwest Indiana. It has been raining for several hours. Our routine is Bella or G wake up and while they are taking their morning walk, I get up. This morning G and I got up and he went down to get coffee and walk the dog and I jumped in the shower, only to see that Miss B was still in bed. She can hear rain as well as the next guy and she is having none of it. It's been over an hour and she is still holding out. I wish I had that control. At least she doesn't laugh.
Here was yesterdays pic of the design wall when I had the epiphany' to have one design wall in front of another.  I just so happen to have two more panels of 4' x 8' up stairs.  My original studio was upstairs.  We put on an addition for my son and his future family and decided to increase the size of the den that would be under this addition.  When it was completed it was so large that I moved downstairs (on the pretense of wanting to be closer to the man cave and therefore G; no one went for it).  I still had the room upstairs so we converted it; first to a storage room and a closet for both G's suits and my quilts.  Then came the tread mill and a few other exercise things and next came a Murphy bed for my DIL's mother that has never been used by her.  The design walls were stacked on top of each other and I used them occasionally for photo shoots.

With much shoeing Bella out of my way and some masterful finagling I got the wall down stairs.

Here it is with all the stuff that was on the big (two panel) design wall.  They have both been cleaned with the Sticky roller I got at Festival.  It took several washings but the thing works so much better with threads than the sticky paper roller.  It goes much deeper and picks up more.  I can't remember when my design wall was so clean of threads.  This may become a habit!

This is a blueberry lemon glazed bread I made for my company that I got from Pinterest.  I am still deciding on the recipe because the glaze sunk in completely and it was totally cold by the time I put it on.  The quilters are coming for three days today so they will be the judge as to whether this recipe is a yeah or neigh.

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