Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good To Know

The guys are golfing and us girls just got back from the farmers market to supplement our evenings dinner.

I found a new strawberry bread recipe that I really like.  I was proud of myself for reading the reviews and took the suggestion of using twice the amount of fresh strawberries that the recipe called for.

The recipe calls for two cups and I used four and it made two wonderful loaves.  I will put it on Tommy Cooks when I get the chance.

In one week I have made the S'Mores on three separate occasions.  Forget the tart tamper I bought and suggested to use.  It's wood and it absorbs the melted butter in the graham cracker  crust and made a mess.

Just get yourself a set of silicone measuring spoons.  It spoon itself can be used to put the crust mixture in the mini muffins.  Then use the outside to smash the mix down and with a finger in the cup you can easily manipulate it so it is on the bottom and up the sides.

After you cook the crust for five minutes I take a piece of hershey candy bar (using the markings on the bar) but I break each one in half and push it down in the crust.  It just seems to work better.  And the instructions say to put the cut side down of the marshmallow on top of the chocolate and you will see the reason for it if you make the mistake of doing it up side down.

When you cut the marshmallow, it gets moist and sticky.  If you handle it and put it cut side up it not only sticks to your fingers but it's almost impossible to place on the cup because you can't get it off your finger!!!!

These few tips will make the simple process of making S'Mores a snap to do.


SpikeMuffin said...

Looks great Tommy. Have a great LD weekend with the family!

Frieda Anderson said...

Looks yummy!!