Thursday, August 15, 2013

Home Gym

Finally my wish of at least two years, when our great neighborhood workout place was taken over by the YMCA, to have a home gym came true.

We happen to have what is called a beach garage; it is on the back of our house facing the beach on the ground floor and there is no access for cars or anything that can't come up the sea wall steps.  In the past I had fixed it up as a wet studio, putting in water, a sink, a washing machine and shelving for all my STUFF needed to dye.  Also in the beach garage were kayaks, all sorts of games, toys, sand stuff, canopies, and other beach paraphernalia.  Dyeing fabric came to a close when I realized I couldn't get the colors I wanted without adding salt to the mixture but because we are on septic, I was sorely afraid of the environment issues of doing that so I quit.  Now I only dye in Florida and haven't done that for a couple years except for a piece or two.  A girl can have only so much fabric.

But I digress.  We cleaned out the garage and except for a few things (they are on the shelving unit that you can barely see on the right) we moved all the junk into the storage we have under the three season porch.  We got rid of the sink, washing machine, refrig (used to store liquid dye) and lots of useless saved things.  There had to be five garbage cans in the room along with enough bonfire wood to have a fire every day of the year.

We had the cinder block room painted and had a rubber floor put in along with some mirrors and we added to the paltry amount of core stuff I already had by getting a workout machine like we have in Florida.  It was delivered and set up yesterday.  There is a part missing and that will be replaced today.  I can't stand changing clothes and all that and looking presentable just to go to a gym.  I am a happy gal.


Susan Turney said...

Wow! Wonderful, plus you just gave my best excuse yet..."I don't have a home gym". I really do have to get a workout program going but hate getting cleaned up to go over to our huge gym at our center. I guess I have to try harder!

Arleen said...

If it is rainy I will run to the car. That is the extent of my exercise.


Robbie said...

Bella seems to like it! Kalee goes on my treadmill! Well, only when it's winter here (before we head to Florida) her and i both a workout...