Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Little Corner Of The World

I went to jury selection yesterday. They didn't ask me if I knew anyone in the local court system (yes, I know the deputy prosecutor); if anyone in my family had anything to do with malpractice (my daughter has had litigation's dealing with just such a thing) but I got out of jury duty because I knew the doctor that was being tried for malpractice. Who could make this stuff up? I am glad to announce that my neighbor, although it was not his intention, got out of jury duty. Something about his DIL being a doctor and the cost of malpractice insurance.  We are free of our civic duty for two more years. I have to run again this morning; I am trying out the 8 a.m. kettle bell class. It is going to be 94ยบ today and the place isn't air conditioned but I'll try anything once.
I was gifted this cute piggy bank.  You put the money in His Money and as it should be, it goes into Her Money. Who thinks of these things?
This charming boat is the view I have
when I have look out my kitchen window for several weekends lately.  It looks relatively new but somehow retro too.  I want one for no other reason than to park in my back yard, in the water.  I could see this with Daisy and Gatsby in it.

This picture that arrived yesterday of Micky's 9 week old Matilda (will be called Tilly) via email of Tilly  attending boot camp, scared Micky a bit.   Maybe a little too rambunctious?  She's a puppy and will get over it.  I have Bella to prove it.   I absolutely love this photo.  I want this dog.

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