Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Party Time!

G and I decided to invite a couple dozen people for a party to welcome the two couples that were here for the weekend. It was Jayne and Rich, who had to head home yesterday and Nancy and Frank, who are still here. It was a delightful get together and we had a lot of great food and conversation.
These were marinated fresh baby mozz that were skewered with a grape tomato and balsamic creme (that wouldn't stay on!)  And as my friend Mary Frances said, compared to the other food, this app was just like Cindy Crawford's sister.  It took me a while to get it.  They will probably go off my repertoire of food stuffs to serve at a cocktail party.
Some of the stuff I served are my stand out favorites and I have already put them on Tommy Cooks
like lasagna cupcakes and blue cheese tarts.

I made my BFF Maggie's chicken wrapped in bacon but I changed up the cooking process a little bit from the original so that I could make them ahead of time and freeze.  I pre cooked the bacon in the micro for two minutes first so that I could cut the chicken cooking down in half so I could partially cook them and then freeze, only to cook them all the way through before serving.  They were a big hit and turned out perfect and not over cooked.

These little expresso cups are filled with room temp tomato basil soup and topped off

a mini provolone grilled cheese.  It makes me smile, they were so cute.

These are my brie puffs.  Oh, they are on the other website.  I love them because they are room temp too.  They are fragile tho' and when I freeze them I need to put
them in a container rather than a zip lock.  It really doesn't matter how many of these individual shrimp cocktails I serve; there is never one left.  I put cocktail sauce in a little tiny glass and add a shrimp and lemon.

Dessert was mini S'mores (I will add it to Tommy Cooks soon) and the all time favorite, chocolate chip cookies.  I'm a sucker for a party!


Robbie said...

I love seeing all the 'treats' you make for your parties!!! YUM! They always look so good!!! And of course your presentation is fabulous! Can't imagine the 'plate' storage or amount of serving dishes you have!!

maggie z. said...

wow, quite a spread indeed! love that you made a way to pre- do the chicken bites...i'll try it for sure!