Monday, August 05, 2013

Quilting Weekend

Now, I know that these quilt tops that were worked on this weekend look like an impossible amount of work but you need to keep in mind that they weren't started here or even just constructed here.

Many of them have been in the process of working on for possibly several months.  Some of my girlfriends like to switch it up a lot more than I do and have several quilt tops going on at the same time.  Me? not so much except for hand work or quilts that are just busy thoughtless work that can be ongoing for years.  I have a couple such ones, including a hand sewn apple core (actually working on it now) and a baby hexagon (done on Lean Cuisine plastic instead of the English paper method) and a larger hexagon that is half machine sewn (the hexes in each row) and hand sewing (the rows together).  But I digress; this first quilt top was completed this weekend by Jean Ann.  It's very large (bed size) and was made for her sisters granddaughter.

Peggy did the work on this 'I Spy' for Kieran, her first grandson.  We all started the "I Spy' - square in a square fussy cuts - last year and  most of these were already done but they were paper pieced so all the paper was still on it and none of the borders or corner squares were done.  All it needs now is the outside border and quilting and it will be ready for his birthday!

Mike had all the pieces cut for this quilt top and a couple stitched together, but that was done a while back and she had to reaccquaint herself to what she had already started.  Both she and Anne have full time jobs so they pretty much do a lot of the hard core piecing when we get together.  We were all oohhing and aahhing this and want to steal the idea (or maybe just the pattern!)

Anne had the inner portion of this quilt started and finished up the rest and put on borders.  She will pin it to her long arm and quilt it up to hang over her home office desk.

Jean Ann completed yet another bed sized quilt and got it done in record time.  It will go off to the quilter today and she will have it completed and ready to give it to Katie, her granddaughter for a party for graduating from college and starting med school this coming weekend.  This is one of the fastest quilts JA has ever done!  I remember well, Jean Ann in the parking lot of the place where our quilt show was being held and finishing the binding before they closed the doors for the incoming quilts for the show!

Last for today is a quilt top that Anne started when they came to the sweat shop in Florida and finished yesterday afternoon, the last thing to get finished before the girls packed up for home.  Another good time to be had by us.

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Irene said...

Great quilts and a lot of work! I remember when I first started reading your blog and you referred to the 'sweat shop' I really thought you hired people to come in to help in your production! Thought that would give you a good laugh.