Friday, August 23, 2013

Random's From Frank

We watched an amazing show last night called 'The Women of SNL'. I can't remember laughing so hard; I take it back. Why back in the day (late 80's or early 90's) Jayne and Rich took G and I to Pheasant Run Resort, in a Chicago suburb, to see Jerry Seinfeld. I had never heard of him and we had front row seats in a little dinner theatre type of place. I laughed so hard my insides hurt. So, having said that, I came close to feeling that way last night. Whoever edited the segments used in the show did a marvelous job. There have been enough parts of SNL that I didn't like that it fell off my 'must view' list. That and the fact that it was on SATURDAY NIGHT!

 Frank and Nancy have left us for golfing, sight seeing , a rehearsal dinner tonight and a wedding tomorrow in Chicago, that happens to be in the same venue as my DD Maggie's was.  In honor of that, Frank brought, from California, the exact suit and tie he wore five years ago to Maggie and Evan's wedding.  Who in the hell remembers what they wore yesterday, unless it's still on the bedroom floor, let alone five years ago.  I may just suggest a little more extra curricular activity to use up some of that space in his head.

Speaking of Frank, here are some random photos he has taken on his phone since leaving his house in Danville.

Before boarding their plane in San Francisco, Frank took this picture of a Humvee in the airport that is made out of styrofoam.  It looks pretty amazing.

Here is Micky and me, taking money at a local fund raiser for Children's art classes.  Who do you think is tanner, Micky or me?
I was on the deck off my bedroom and Frank was on a lower deck and he wanted me to reenact the scene from Titanic.  How'd I do?

He took a picture of a picture at Harry Caray's, of a bust of Harry and Dennis Farina.  He knows how much I like him.

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