Saturday, August 24, 2013

S'Mores Mini Cups

I think each of you need to make these S'Mores this coming weekend for all your company. Jayne and I made them last week for the party and they went like hot cakes! My neighbor Gerry was over the moon for them. We changed the recipe a bit (for the better) so those of you that have the recipe that I got from Peggy should alter it just a tad. They are simple and crowd pleasing.

I went to culinary school but it seems like every day I learn something new: like the tart tamper.

Did you know there was such a thing?  You put in the base of your mini; whatever- graham cracker crust mix in this case and instead of using a spoon or fingers (which I do)  to even out the base to go up the sides without a hole, you use this tart tamper.  I like to say the two words together real fast.  Anyway, a couple days after I made the S'Mores I found this at the Kitchen Collection at the outlet mall.  $4 and it's yours.  Check out the recipe on Tommy Cooks.

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Robbie said...

Kids would love these...OK, I mean I would love these!!! Will have to try them!!!