Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Booty

One of the things I completed last weekend was this quilt.  It is quilted

and bound.  This will come as a shock, but I chose to quilt it with a circle motif. I am now in the process of finishing a hand sewn quilt that I have three quarters done and my summer goal is to complete it.  Along with my knitting, I will have plenty to do for the rest of the summer's evenings.

For some reason, and maybe because it stormed a little later, but my daily power walk on the beach claimed much more in beach glass and

indian beads (crinoids) than normal.  My take is usually less than half this amount.  It makes me happy for the rest of the day when I do so well.  As I have said, it's the little things.

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dee said...

The quilt is fabulous and I always love red. So pretty. I must give you props for the circle pattern. Circles scare me. They always come out horrible for me.

Over my lifetime here I have collected multiple jars of beach glass. When I was recently picking a new color for my living room re-do I looked at many samples. Finally, I realized what I was looking for was the pale aqua/blue of beach glass. Done...Ice blue and China blue-Benj. Moore. The painters come next week..Yipeee