Monday, August 12, 2013

The Happenings

It's the season around here and everyone is on the beach with their dogs; especially early morning when there's little chance of getting caught. I say that because we did have the father of the police chief (I think his name is Fife) roaming the territory for dog's on the beach (which isn't allowed) except for private property (like my back yard) but everyone does it anyway. I haven't seen the guy this year at all so I don't know what's up with that. Bella get's a morning and evening beach stroll. Okay, my point of all that is that we have an eight o'clock rule during the week that Bella is not allowed on the deck to bark at the dogs and a nine o'clock start on Sunday. It's such a to open the door to let her out the hundred times a day we do it in season. None of the screens are attached properly due to her scratching to get out. It's either that or the pathetic
look we get when we 'forget' about her on thedeck, which happens a lot.  I think the guy is coming to fix the screens today.

I have done my second harvest of basil and turned it into pesto that is in the freezer.  I have also found a great source

for odd spices and herbs that I can't find at a normal store.  It's My Spice Sage online.  I have shared with you my fetish for following along with the recipes on Triple D and some of the ingredients are new to me.

I just had to have Mexican Oregano because I am tired of hearing that it's the BOMB, without owning some myself.  It looks like marijuana if you ask me.  You know, I've seen pictures.  Maybe it is; that's why Guy likes it so much!  I also got myself some mustard flour for an Irish dish I want to make.  Oh, and best yet for the Spice Sage?  No shipping fees and these massive amounts of stuff only added up to seven bucks!

It also calls for Irish white pudding.  I got myself some of that at a meat market in the suburbs, thanks to my BFF Peg.  It sure looks like sausage to me but you know those Irish.

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