Friday, September 20, 2013

A Fab Fall Cake

I had fun making last nights dessert.
It is called Upside-Down Apple Praline Cake and you can get the recipe here.

I have had the recipe printed out for some time and just never tackled it.  I guess it was the time it involved.  Not that it was difficult or even 'time consuming'.  It was, that after reading the directions, there was the time to let the cake itself get completely cooled to room temp and also the caramel mousse
had to be made and refrigerated for a couple hours and then after you applied it to the cake, it needed to set for a good 3 hours in the refrig before serving.

So I tackled it when I got up in the morning and then went on with my day.  When the two cakes came to room temp, and the caramel mousse was all ready in the refrig

I iced the bottom cake layer with it, and then sprinkled it with candied pecans.

Then I did the same for the next layer.  The last thing I did before letting it set for three hours was to drizzle some caramel sauce (store bought- Mrs. Richardson's) on the top, using a ziplock with an itty bitty hole cut in the corner.

It was a big hit at my dinner party.

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Susan Turney said...

Your dinner parties sound like magic. I'll bet your northern neighbors and friends miss you when you head south!