Sunday, September 08, 2013

A Wink And A Nod

I just realized that being on meds has given me a new habit.  I love to nap.   Literally, I almost try to place it in my daily schedule.   It kinda came up on me gradually and I was so surprised that I went on line to check out whether it was a side effect and was ever so happy to see that it was.  I don't always sleep but just the lying down and resting is beneficial.  And of course Bella is crazy about it.  She is my partner in crime.  It cuts down on my productivity but who cares?  And I don't make the bed anyway so that's not a problem!

I have two more sides to add before this 'I Spy' is ready to be quilted.  I really should show you the technique of how to do these.  It is simple and oh so fun.

I prefer to do the fussy cut designs 'on point' but like Peggy says, the kids just are curled up with the quilt and view it from all angles.  I am such an anal person, it is very difficult for me to do both even though they are still a square in a square.

I am too lazy now to look for the 'I Spy' ruler and the postcard ruler thingy we use to cut the edges but I will make that a future blog soon.

I am having a dinner party tonight so I need to see about a grocery list and something for dessert.  I am once again stealing something from Diners, Drive In's and Dives.  This time its Irish.  Yum.

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SpikeMuffin said...

Naps are good. Embrace them.