Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All In A Day's Work

Not that my oldest brother (although younger than me) who got a Hole In One on Sunday doesn't merit it. It's just that he played golf for four days last weekend here with my husbands expert advice, apparently leading to the big win. It was 11 in the morning before a big Rams game so he got out of the well known result of a hole in one, which is buying everyone in the club a drink. I think he planned it that way. Anyway, kudos to him. It's about time. G has had more than one; okay two.  That should be 
Bill's goal; to one up G.

We were talking about all the shows we watch last night and so I came home and listed what I could think of that I watch.  It's a tad embarrassing.  Do I do anything other that watch tv?  It hardly looks like I do!!

Here it goes.

Downton Abbey
Ray Donovan
Project Runway
Top Chef
Biggest Loser
Modern Family
The Bridge
Next Food Network Star
Diners, Drive In's and Dives
Iron Chef
Restaurant Impossible
Mad Men
Breaking Bad
Body of Proof
Drop Dead Diva
Good Wife

on the horizon is

Orange is the new Black
House of Cards

I need a longer day.

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Robbie said...

What about Hell on Wheels, Longmiere!!! House of Cards was great...just catching up on Bridge myself...Low Winter Sun is another good one!!! I get all my hand work, blog, work, emails and beading done while watching the boob tube! works for me!