Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Day

Gordon had to get up for a bank meeting and so the household was awake. When he took off in the dark Bella and I hopped back into bed. Since that time it has been thundering and rumbling for almost four hours and it just started raining in earnest a few minutes ago. It was a little scary so Bella and I cuddled up in bed and decided not to get up for awhile. When the realization came upon me that I do have to eventually get out of bed, I was sad. I'm better now, and into my day.

My sis left yesterday afternoon, but before that we got to spend five or so hours on the long arm, putting into practice what we learned in Wisconsin the day before. We were pretty much giving each other high fives and all that because the lightbulb finally came on. Now retaining the knowledge is another thing altogether. Time will tell.

I am having a dinner party for eight tonight; mostly to say sayonara to Regina and Bruce for the winter. I am making a new cake I got from the food network recipes. It sounded very fall. It's Upside'Down Apple Praline Cake and I will show you what it looks like later today.

It just so happened yesterday that when I was corresponding with my friend Millie in Florida, she sent me a picture of this darling little dessert.
She called it Apple Rose Bites.  I checked it out on Pinterest and there it was, all over the place.  I am going to have to try these.  I rarely go on Pinterest anymore.  It just seems to rob me of time that isn't how I want to spend my time.  I do love the knowledge of it though.

Gotta get crackin'.

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