Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bed Bugs

I went to the closest hospital to get some blood work done.  While in the little room, I was pretty much rushed by three young women.
It didn't take me long to realize that they trainees.  My big hint was that they put the rubber hose around my bicep and the three of them had to consult as to whether they were looking at a vein or a tendon.  After changing to the other arm, they were sufficiently happy that they got a vein.  So, that was taken care of.  Phew!!!!  I didn't even get home before they started calling me, leaving messages saying I didn't register and had no number and therefore they couldn't submit the blood and I would have to come back to the hospital.  I took my sweet time and returned only to show them their handiwork.  My entire inner arm was black and blue and swollen.  My girlfriend that is a nurse asked me if they told me they were students and I said no but it was pretty obvious.  She said I could have asked for a regular nurse and I told her that I was as good a guinea pig as the next guy.  They gotta learn, right?

My sister asked me one day why I didn't make my own duvet covers.  I questioned it myself and decided that after using duvets for over twenty years, that I hate them.  They are a pain to take off and on to clean.  After years of hassle, I sewed in ribbons to hold the down comforter in place, both sewing them on the comforter and the duvet cover in the same place.  Still, they have always been a pain in the neck.  What was wrong with comforters that you just took to the laundromat or the cleaners and they were all one piece?

Except for the master bed, I have comforters in Florida.  But now, with all the fading, I am needing new ones.  This is the top of the first one I am making.  I striped a guest room (my daughters) bed to try on a queen sized top for size and placement.

I had in my mind that I wanted the pieced part off center but didn't want seams in the solid section so it was necessary to do a trial run.  I definitely like the off center look.  What do you think?  And I am thinking solid shams with accents in a brighter orange, but simple.

This is the other bed in the same room.  This is a duvet and comforter.  Each of my two kids have what we call their hotel room.  Their bedrooms have two beds, in preparation for a possible family addition.  I like to be prepared.


Mike said...

Wow, looks good off-center. I was under the impression you were putting the strip of quilting horizontally on the bed, but this way looks very nice.

SpikeMuffin said...

I'd vote for "off center". I'd also be looking for another medical facility. That's unacceptable!

Melody Johnson said...

I like the off center look too and feel the same way about duvets. I have made several and wonder about the ones that have a flap and buttons. Maybe those are easier to get the comforter into properly. With two dogs in my bed with me, I have to wash the duvet covers weekly. grrr. Still, the dogs are worth it.