Sunday, September 15, 2013

Charlottes Day

Charlotte never cried one drop when she was getting doused with water at her christening.  She was anointed with oil too but never did anything but smile and eat her clothing (teething).  This is Charlotte at the christening with her parents and god parents.  Evan can't keep his hands off of her!

Charlotte was almost upstaged by this little princess that decided it was high time that she too was baptized.  She stood up at the altar like she was Honey Boo Boo.

In the mean time, Grandpa was holding the fort with Violet, who was more interested in the votive candles (they are all lcd now) looking very dapper in her retro halter dress with a little matching shrug.

I have no idea who we are looking at but it certainly wasn't the camera.
At the luncheon after the ceremony, Violet managed to get a bracelet from her cousin's arm onto hers.  We had to do a little distraction so that she could concentrate on something else rather than having pearls all over the floor.

Charlotte almost needed a clothing change due to the amount of chewing on the dress that she did.  She has her first tooth just breaking through and she was definitely helping it along the way.

Aunt Maggie supplied the cake that was chocolate and very good.  It was a great day.


Irene said...

Your granddaughters are gorgeous - what a beautiful family!

Gayle from MI said...

Thanks for sharing! Does that baby look like you? Seems to me that she does.

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

What a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing but than your blog is always fun in entertaining.

Robbie said...

I think Charlotte looks like grandma!!! Another wonderful day with family!! You are all lucky to have each other.