Friday, September 06, 2013

Dog Eat Dog

Micky and I went to a restaurant/ bar that was just opening.  That may not be the correct way of saying it but rather it was reopening.  It burnt down last year.  In fact, a girl that was in law school with my daughter was in the restaurant with her little kids at the time of the fire.  I believe it was an electrical problem.  No one was hurt and they managed to get everyone out before it burnt to the ground.  It took them over a year to rebuild but when they opened it was to rave reviews.  The name of the restaurant is Stray Dog and it is in New Buffalo, Michigan.

As you enter the new restaurant, you are greeted by a wonderful piece of art.  It is a dog silhouette that is completely filled in with upholstery tacks.

This would be a wonderful thing to do and so easy.  Just draw an outline of anything and fill it in.  No one would ever know if you didn't do it exactly perfect.  Even a kid could do it.
They have a rooftop bar and restaurant too.  It is very comfy and is perfect for watching the sunsets.  The old restaurant just had beer and wine but the new and improved one has, as you can see,  lots and lots of beer.  I just so happened to spot a glass of wine in the lower left of this photo.  They now have food up there too.  It's a great place to go.

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Robbie said...

Maybe we'll have to have a 'go' at it in October!!