Sunday, September 29, 2013

Door County Musings

The main location of our resort is where we would go for coffee, that is, if we hadn't brought our own pot.  But we do need  to go there for phone service and wifi so that's where we are now.  In front of me is a kids play set and it's the first one I have seen with a rock climbing feature.  There don't seem to be any kids here tho'.  G has been eyeing it suspiciously.

We went to the very top of Door County, where the peninsula ends and the ferry is, that takes those who want to visit Washington Island.  We are gonna try to fit it in today.  This boat thing has a very weird shape and was in the field next to where you wait for the ferry.  There is a passenger ferry and another one that takes people, bikes and cars.
This random field on our travels doesn't look like much because you can't see what I was photographing.  I duplicated the picture and then zoomed in a cropped area.
This crazy table, chairs and flowers is literally a mile away from anything.  It must just be for show.  Well, it definitely caught my interest!

We parked for lunch in Sister Bay and right outside the passenger door window was this group of two tin goats.  Bella went crazy!!!!

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