Sunday, September 01, 2013

Food and Facts

I forgot that I took this picture on Friday afternoon when the weather started to go bad.  It was a beautiful day and the girls had gone out to lunch and even ate outside.  Then it turned nasty.  This is the view from my deck.  The water looks a little treacherous and so does the horizion.  It did clear up enough so that after dinner we were able to go to an End of Summer party at Regina's.  It was outside so that was a good thing.

We tried out hand (or rather arm) at arm knitting.  It worked out fine but half way through a scarf we decided that we wouldn't wear them anyway and so went on to something else.

Claudia is dogless now and so gets her dog fix from Bella.

The Texas Cake I made was put out on the counter and everyone has their own marked fork to dig in whenever they want.

Pulled pork with coleslaw was our lunch fare, along with the prerequisite Cheetos and Chips for crunch just under the potato bun.

For dinner we had farm fresh corn from that mornings farmers market and
Uncle Bill's famous rubbed ribs.  Yum.

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