Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Home Again

We went to Wisconsin for a long arm class and found out upon arrival that we were the only members of the class that didn't cancel. As it was, we were twenty minutes late because of a stretch of 40 miles of 45 mph due to construction. It was a breeze of a class and I had a ton of questions that all got answered. I should have been embarrassed by some of my crazy notes from the class I took previously but I really didn't care. I just wanted clarification and I got that. Because it was just me and my sis, we did the class in one day instead of two and didn't have to stay overnight. We were back at my house by seven and got to relax and plan what we were gonna try to do some of the things we learned. I also forgot my camera so I will probably have the shakes for a couple days while I wait for it to be returned vis UPS.

 I got a little farther on my postcard quilts.  I cut out 12 -  4 1/4" x 6 1/4" pieces, out of the original silk screened and embellished with fabric markers piece of fabric.  I then got out the markers and went to town with colors on the individual postcards.
 I then ironed them onto Peltex (71) to give them firmness.

They are now ready for quilting.   I am sure I will finish them up, but without my 35 mm, I may just have to wait to photograph them.   I   am crazy about them.  Each one is a quilt and it's giving me an idea.


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Miracles said... next summer I'll go up and stay with you upnorth. I'll watch you do all these projects and see if I can retain any of it.