Friday, September 27, 2013

It's All About Me (And Various Doctors And Their Staff)

I went to what I thought was just a follow up for an MRI and a shot of cortisone and now it's a visit to the surgicenter and I need a ride home and all that crap. I guess the cortisone has to go into the lining of the joint socket because that is where I have a tear. That means their has to be sedation (YEAH!!!!) and an x ray so the doc gets it in the right spot. I am currently jostling for a ride to a place two towns over. Nothing's easy.

 And back to my medical problems, I was on the phone all morning yesterday, trying to be proactive on my behalf. I was just trying to get a two week old late dose of enbrel that supposed to be on it's way to me. I ended up calling the resort we are staying at in Door County and asked permission for them to receive my refrigerated meds. With my trying to settle down after fifteen phone calls, I went to my ortho appointment. I got a call from G when I got back in the car saying that my doctor called him (dermatologist) who somehow called the wrong number (our phone numbers are consecutive and I am sure it was my slip up). Anyway, he was calling to apologize about the hassle I went through that he was completely unaware of. Long story short, G procured 6 samples of enbrel and could pick them up minutes from his work. That ended up being a $4050.00 gift to me. Wow, in the end, it was definitely worth the hassle!!!!

I have to run and pack for Door County but wanted to show you this yard feature that I want to put in somewhere in my yard, either here or in Florida.  It's not the house, deck or pool but I can't take my eyes off of the tile work in the grass, with the various sizes of tiles.  It's art in the yard!!!!

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