Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Kettle Is Calling

I just sat down to do my blog and realized that I have my kettle bell class in a half hour.  Can I do some speed blogging?  No.  I will be back later.

 The class was much easier today. It may have something to do with it not being 90º without air conditioning like it was last week.  I really like using kettles.  I had a trainer back in the day and we lightly touched on them but now they are all the rage.  I even have one by my couch in the studio in case I feel the need to get in a little workout.  It hasn't happened yet.

 I did give Mike and Claudia a little taste of using them.  If I know those crazy knuckle heads they have already gone to the sporting goods store and got themselves one.

The kids made dinner on Sunday night so that freed up lots of time so we got to go into the studio and get a little work done.  I had finished up a bunch of I spy blocks and gave Claudia the task of putting them up on the design wall in a pleasing composition.
Of course, Mike and I were sitting there putting in our two cents and got reprimanded more than once but I think Claud did a mighty fine job of placing the colors.

I even got to start on the borders.  I decided to frame each block with red fabric.  It's looking mighty nice.

It's a perfect day for a bike ride so that is just what I am going to do.


Mike said...

I ordered mine from Amazon.com

Claudia said...

Not to be outdone by Aunt Mike...I ordered mine too, on Amazon. She sent me the link after I saw this post. No one puts baby in the corner without a kettle bell!