Saturday, September 14, 2013

Special Delivery

These little nuggets just happened to be on the counter top when G came home from work.  My mister was in a conundrum as to what they were.  I explained that most recipes call for a tablespoon or two of tomato paste when it  is on the ingredient list and then you have to deal with the left over paste in the can.  Back in the day, when I didn't have a pot to pee in I would just toss the rest, realizing that covering the can, waiting for the next use was just a can of botulism waiting to happen.  Then I started separating it out into tablespoons and wrapping it up in parchment paper like a piece of salt water taffy.  But it was messy so I started putting what I thought was around a tablespoon of the stuff in a dollar store ice tray that I sprayed with cooking spray for easy removal.  When they frozen I pop them out to put in a freezer zip lock.  I was in the process of that when G entered the kitchen.

But his main attention was what was on the rack cooling. It was my mom's date cream cookies that were my favorite growing up.  Yum.

I finally got new furniture for my little lounge area in the studio

which Bella is admiring.  The old stuff, which is outside on my little studio deck, had no back support anymore and getting up from sitting there was like doing a core workout.  Plus, the sunscreen staining I subjected the leather to was past the point of Mr. Leather taking care of it.  Anyway, the doorbell rings and there's this guy at the gate with a delivery, for stuff that I ordered (the love seats in the pic) two days ago online.  There was no advance call or a delivery window call at all.  I asked the guy, after running around like a maniac to make a path for him to go through in the studio, what he would have done if I wasn't home.  He said, "I would have come back on Monday."  A call is so much easier.  He came from two hours away!  Anyway, there's no sinking down in these love seats!


Susan Turney said...

Love the look on Bella's face!

wpritchett said...

where did you get the loveseat and chair online? I'm so in need of new leather.