Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sticks and Stones

I found out that besides the age factor, I have a tear in the acetabular labrum (around my right hip socket). I have to go to the doctor for a long overdue follow up on an MRI I had in June. Yeah, I am one of those; if you wait long enough, it will go away. Well, it isn't and it's affecting my bowling score. Yeah, now you can laugh. I never break 100 but this season I can't even hit 70 for a high score. It wasn't the bowling that made me take action but it was a wake up call. It ain't getting better.

So the dilemma today is what to wear to the doctors because I fear the long needle of cortisone and if it's in my inner hip, should I wear a dress and lift it up or wear jeans and drop trow? G thinks a dress would be better but I woke up this morning thinking he will probably make me put on the cherished paper gown and so what does anyone care what I came into the office wearing? That's what is controlling my brain this morning. That and the reminder of the 12 shots I got in the bottom arch of my foot from my dermatologist, in the hopes that I could stave off going on Enbrel.

I had to have new blood work after being on Enbrel for three months. That was three weeks ago and now I have gone for two weeks without an injection and still have no meds. I guess my blood count was lower than normal for me but the doctor said we would retake it in a month and that I could start right back on Enbrel. Unfortunately, I get via mail, due to it's being a bacteria and has special conditions and has to be refrigerated, and the doctor forgot to drop the hold on it so, no meds.  G and I leave for four days in Door County tomorrow so it's gonna be another five days before I could have a very late injection.  I love bureaucracy.  Remember back in the day when you actually went a year without seeing any physican except a dentist and a gyne?  I want those days back!!!!

I finally put the binding on this whole cloth quilt that Mike and I did the day after we had a borders and corners class in Wisconsin.  We used some white pimatex that I happened to have on a bolt.  Since we did it, I have washed it to get that real quilted look.
This photo isn't any good but I think you can get the drift.  We were quite happy with ourselves
with being able to do it.  I think that time will tell if it stuck in our brains.  I think the plan is to try it
again next week when all us quilters get together for the weekend.  It will probably be our last get together  for this year, having the haul to Florida and the holidays to contend with.

The center block is a bit dorky.  Keep in mind that it was a lesson.

The placing of the borders is not an easy task; especially when you have to match up with the corners.
Every body's gonna want this quilt, right?

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