Monday, September 09, 2013

The Luck Of The Irish

I decided to do another Diners, Drive In's and Dive dinner.  The meal prep started with ingredients for both the rueben balls and the dipping sauce but no amounts.
The balls themselves consisted of corn beef, swiss, sour cream and sauerkraut.
These ingredients held together just fine and so I rolled them up and treated them to a breading station, consisting of first flour, then buttermilk (I made my own by adding vinegar to milk) and lastly, panko breadcrumbs.

I first tried to just bake them in a screaming hot oven but although they tasted fine, they looked anemic. They needed to be fried.  So I fried them up and had them come to room temp and refrigerated them, only to be reheated later.

The dipping sauce, which was a lot of ingredients pretty much tasted like honey mustard salad dressing.    They were very good and will be on my 'list' of good apps.
Dinner itself consisted of an irish meatloaf that had ground beef, ground lamb and irish white pudding in it.  The pudding smelled suspiciously like a brat.  These ingredients went together with cheese, seasoning, eggs, panko breadcrumbs, and onion.
The preparation told me to lay it on cabbage leaves and line the top with celery before covering it with foil to bake.

I think the celery and cabbage both were so the meatloaf didn't touch the foil.  The meat, along with mashed potatoes and a cabbage cream sauce completed the main course.
In order to have everyone together that I wanted, we switched the dinner from my house to my girlfriends.  In a very short time she set her beautiful back yard in irish style.  It was a lovely evening.

The dessert was a macadamia nut torte that was served with caramel sauce and whipped cream.  This picture is the torte before it was cooked.  What was I thinking?

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Robbie said...

Looks SO good...dessert!!! I'm not a big meat eater!!! So that tube of meat isn't appealing to me!!! Looks like something my dog would play with! Sorry!!! Just me...I was raised on a farm and saw way too much as a youngster! What can I say!!! Oh, I have a similar recipe for sauerkraut balls from the 60's (my MIL)...didn't have sour cream in my recipe...only onion (saute'd) then dip in egg and roll in italian bread crumbs and broil! They used to be so good...even with the corn beef! :)