Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Prep Work

I found out last week that the hospital is in need of baby quilts.  They are supposed to call me or email me when they are starting to get low, say 10 of 15, so that they don't have to run out.  Even though the birth count is way down here, I wasn't expecting them to go through the 129 I gave them in the last nine months.  So I had to call and of course they need more.  I hustled and got fifteen done and over to the hospital.

Now I have to prepare for more.  It is much more time consuming to cut the yardage for the front and back, roll out the batting and cut that, than it is to quilt the thing itself.  Then there is the part that takes the longest.  The binding prep.  I need to measure out dozens of quilts in order to get the remaining amount that isn't big enough for a quilt.  That is what I use to make the binding.

I think I measured out fifty some quilts on Sunday and Monday and then cut up the leftover fabric into 2 1/2" strips to sew together and iron in half the long way.

Then there is the part that puts me to sleep.  The ironing of yards of fabric.  The ironing board gets too
hot so I roam around while it is cooling off and get my fingers into something else and then the iron has turned off and I have to wait for it to warm up again and then I once again get preoccupied with yet another task.  It's a vicious circle.

I have enough of all parts ready to assemble in the next couple weeks.  Then it starts over again.  But, it's a labor of love.


Robbie said...

You are a good soul....

maggie z. said...

you're going straight to heaven my friend!

JustCallMeElle said...

For those baby quilts, do you piece the tops, or do you use yardage? If yardage, why not load yardage fronts and backs, quilt them, and then cut them apart to the right size? If you do pieced tops, why not sew them end to end as if into yardage and then load a really long yardage back with the long tops unit, quilt all as one and cut apart and bind? Just a thought.
One of our guild's long armers does this for preemie quilts. Works for her.

Mary Ann said...

You need a mangle! And maybe a bias strip cutter, and then a fancy foot for the sewing machine that just zips them on. Or you could hire someone to do the "monkey work" . Then you can say "Oh, I have people for that."