Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Fine Blunder

When my quilter buddies were a couple weeks ago, I dragged out a quilt (and now that I think about it, the oldest non quilted quilt in my house!) that never got quilted because I never knew how to tackle it.  It is, in my estimation, to large to do on a regular machine, being old and decrepit as I am (or just lazy). Anne suggested that I do it on the long arm and just go for it.  And, thank you Anne, that's just what I did.

I chose 80% off Marimekko fabric for the backing (Crate and Barrel)and 54'' wide, meaning less seams.

I should have figured out right away that I put the backing on the machine wrong because when I made what I thought was my last turn was actually shown in this photo which was more quilt to quilt and backing fabric ending much too soon.  I put the long side on when it should have been the short side.  Oh dear, I hate shit like this.  So I had to use the paultry remains of the backing fabric and sew four pieces together and then had to undue the whole quilt from the bottom

and pin it together and do the gruesome task of hand sewing the two pieces together.  I wouldn't have minded one itty bitty bit but I had to stand and do it and the quilt measures around 60" x 75".

I practiced my singing while I sewed and after two advil and all the top twenty songs from 1968 sung, I got the job done.
With the quilting done, and off the machine, I so wanted to take a nap.  But, I had to go to a mixology class on martinis in two hours and so I persevered.  I trimmed it and

photographed it and

it is ready for binding.

Oh, by the way, I learned all about rolling drinks, shaking instead of stirring, and had samples of a pumpkin concoction, a apple bourbon martini, a pomegranate one that tasted like jello before it set up and the fourth one is hazy except for the wonderful whipping cream on the top.  I think it had chocolate in it.  I am back to wine.

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