Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back To Normal

Okay, the picture turning black the minute I clicked on it yesterday is a real thing. I googled it and found out that it's a glitch in iPhoto and I seem to recall that it has happened before. I sent a good hour trying to rectify it and then gave up the ghost and decided to let it take it's course. It did and today the iPhoto works very efficiently.  Who knew?

So, this is the picture (or one of about 30 that I took) of my completed ring.

I am very pleased with myself.  This ring has 480 beads in it.  Yeah, with the help of the ever so skinny needles used for beading, I managed to count how many rows I did (40) and the height is twelve beads,  
which measures exactly 1/2" tall.  My one major mistake, which I should have known better in doing to begin with, was using   white thread.  It was only a problem at the top and bottom of the ring and I eliminated the problem with one of my permanent black Sharpies.  When I have every color bead from  my mission will be done.   It's tons of fun.  You need to try this.  It's cheap and takes up minimal space in your life.  I may have gone down a different path if I had tried this earlier than I did quilting.  My studio could be the kitchen table!!!!  Thank you Robbie.  She was my inspiration.

I was gone for a while this morning and just got back.  G accidentally backed up the golf cart into his new Prius last night and crumpled the front drivers side bumper.  Anyway, he decided to get it fixed before we head to Florida so he took it to a collision place and Bella and I picked him up and he drove us home and then took my car to work.

I have a new moniker for my website.  It is no longer TommysArtQuilts.  It is now TommysQuilts.  Because I lost first my host due to late payment (my webmaster has a couple heart attacks and neglected some stuff, me being one of them).  Finally she got back to me yesterday.  This is quoted from her email.

I had my son check on your domain name because I wasn't able to get into your website any longer.  You name was purchased by what I call "a domain name thief."  They must have caught it right when it needed to be renewed.  I'm sure what they want is for you to buy it back at an exorbitant price.  I wouldn't do that if I were you.  Instead, I would change your domain name a bit and buy a new one.  You could even just add hyphens, for example: or go to something like
I  spent much of yesterday getting my website up and rolling.  I am tinkering with the idea of learning about managing the website myself.  I am thinking that I will be sorry if I do that.  It's still up in the air.  I do need to get the website more put together and current.  Nothing's easy.

Okay, why is this typeset different than the one I started this blog entry with?  I am so confused!


Gayle from MI said...

Nice job! I have a ton of those delica beads in my bead stash. I haven't ventured into the jewelry as yet. Maybe some day. These look easy enough though. Maybe...

Robbie said...

The rings are addictive to make!! I think I have almost every color to match outfits I wear daily! I love them! congrats on a nice job!!

Diane said...

Good job on the ring! I love beading almost as much as quilting. Have you tried They have good prices and offer sales often. They are on the west coast so it takes an extra day or two to arrive but I have always had good customer service.