Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Color Change

G and I were just discussing the lack of color change on the trees around our house. I have my quilter buddies coming this weekend and I will be curious as to whether they notice any flora color change coming from Illinois to Indiana. There was a marked difference when we drove to Wisconsin.
It the beginning of the ride the color shift was very very subtle.  As we got farther north, you could see change but still, for the end of September, it was minimal.

And literally, by the time we were ready to head home, the change was drastic.

There was color everywhere.  Michigan is slow to change so when I have a group of friends coming from there in a couple weeks, I am guessing that that will be a spectacular ride, and even more dangerous than a cell phone, at least as far as taking your attention away from the road!!

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Robbie said...

OK, I promise to keep my eyes on the road! I'll let Irene 'soak' in the beauty of the change and have her tell me all about it while I drive! Maybe she'll take pictures so I can see the color change when we get settled in! Geeezzz