Thursday, October 03, 2013

Fish Boil

When Gordon landed his first major job (or maybe second) we got invited for a weekend in Door County with two other couples, to stay in the cottage of the owner of the company and his wife.  We were by far the youngest and we were both a little unsettled.  Me more than G because the guys golfed and knew each other, whereas I just got thrown into the group, sight unseen.  It was just the one time
and all I remember about the trip is that they had a plunger in their pitcher that they kept their orange juice in and the fish boil we went to.  Here is the pictorial trip for you at the fish boil that G and I attended our last night in Door County.

It starts right before dusk and the red potatoes are put in first and they are followed by big onions, not full size but twice as big as pearl onions.  It's not something in my local grocery store.

The fish is walleye and the commercial fishermen that they buy from get between  1000 and 3000 pounds of it a day.  Unfortunately they do not debone it and I have a bit of an issue of fondling the fish before eating it.

They serve every half hour.  Immediately after the boil is complete they add the potatoes for the next group, due to the time it takes to cook completely.  The fish is probably in for five minutes or so.

I don't know how these guys can breathe with all that smoke around them.  At the end of the boil they actually throw kerosene on the fire.

It raises the temperature immediately and this is done so that the fat from the fish will boil over and out of the pot.

It only takes a minute for the fire to blaze up

and then fizzle out.  I kept thinking of their lungs.

And this is what you get for $18.  It's an experience but it couldn't possible hold up to my 30 year old memory.  It just wasn't that good.

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maggie z. said...

i just returned from michigan and had all the walleye,white and perch i was incredibly tasty...but it was boned! miss you!