Friday, October 25, 2013

Fishing Around

I had to put the last part of the merging of the apple core quilt on hold because of a
little lady who decided it was the perfect place to take her evening pre bedtime nap.
It would never have been down on the couch if I was still sewing the first part  because I use tons
of pins and I know the little lady's habits so I put all things with pins up high.  I will tackle it again tonight.

In the mean time, I have made a nice dent in my new project.
This is a picture in my sketch book that I decided to tackle.  I made a copy of the original
and then made a reduced size on acetate.  This went under the light of the overhead projector
and I traced the lines onto pieced news print paper I got for free at a newspaper printing place in Florida with my friend Pam.

As you can probably see, not only is this on the window backward (mirror image) but I also line the edges of the paper with painters tape because the paper is so fragile and if I taped it to the window more than once, it would have been in pieces.  Adding a frame of tape makes it very sturdy.

With the wrong size of the quilt top up, I traced each and every fish.  I labeled them and I went through the whole alphabet and 13 numbers so I guess that would mean that there are at least 39 fish or parts of fish.  I now have to cut them out before they are ironed onto fabric.  My major dilemma now is what color to do this school of fish.  It the real world they would probably  all be roughly the same.  Do I really care about that?  Nah.

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Robbie said...

Enjoy seeing the whole process of your work! I can see orange and blue fish! Why not!