Sunday, October 13, 2013

Food Stuffs

This weeks food for the freezer were both Turkey Meatball Stew and  Orzo Beef Stuffed Peppers.
The peppers were so beautiful and large this year.   I waited until they were 68 cents a pound and bought a couple dozen and cleaned them up and refrigerated them until I had the energy to make

stuffed peppers.  I broil the peppers on both sides for probably 10 minutes each side.  While that is happening, I cook the orzo, drain it and cool it.  Ground beef is cooked with some tomatoes and spices

and a little mozzarella.  They freeze beautifully and taste as good a month later as they do the day they were made.

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Robbie said...

Yum! These look the stuffed peppers or stuffed cabbage...gotta have those veggies!