Saturday, October 19, 2013


The girlfriends (we now know each others secrets) met here at my house yesterday.  We are internet friends and have all participated in both of the group quilts that went to Houston.  I have not met
Robbie (in pink) or Irene (behind me) until yesterday.  Gayle, in royal blue, and I met years ago in Wisconsin where we galavanted all around the state with Melody and Frieda.  We have kept in touch ever since.

We had show and tell (somethings should not be shared) of some of our art quilts and have broken bread three times so far.  We have hit it off beautifully and plan on spending the rest of the weekend laughing.


Robbie said...

What a GREAT weekend! Even though it took me a day to put in a zipper and make a hum bug bag! It was all worth it!! THANKS! You are the "best"!!!

Gayle from MI said...

It was a great weekend! For some unknown reason I want a glass of wine!