Tuesday, October 01, 2013


I got a late start on the blog this morning. After working out I decided to make a few messy batches of tortilla soup to freeze because I have someone here to clean up after me. I try always to plan it just that way but I had to start early because even tho' I can't bowl (thank goodness for small favors) I need to go and cheer my team on.

I just went to download some pictures from my camera and it appears as tho' I didn't turn it off yesterday and the battery is dead.  I still have lots to show you from our mini vacation in Door County.

This building on a dock caught my eye as we were heading up to Sister Bay from Fish Creek.  We stopped on our way down the county.  From far away you can't tell what the construction is made of.  I thought maybe different colors of siding but as you get closer you can see all the words.

This is such a cool thing.  Our last lake house before we moved into the house we now live in had a lower level with a big main hall, which was kinda wasted space except for the computer desk we put there so we decided to make all the walls autographical (is that a word?  It is now.)  We put up a shelf and had jars of every color of permanent marker that we could find and every visitor (and there were lots) signed the walls.  We also had a note by the markers explaining that this was our house and we didn't want anything unappropriate written or drawn.  Everyone complied.  This reminded me of that.  We also got lots of art work too.

I had nothing to sign the wall with.  Plus, I am no sailor!!!

The community refurbished the dock and building to what it is today.

I love these barn doors.  I have always wanted one somewhere in my house.

The interior of the building is an art gallery, and it had a photography show in it.  No pictures allowed.

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