Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's On My Mind

It was a little hard for me to call the beading that I have started a craft.  When I get someone in my studio, maybe to fix something or someone who isn't around working art, they like to call my studio a craft room.  I grit my teeth.  It sounds like a bored housewife who wants to 'one up' Candy Spelling with a new name for a room.  Actually Candy had a room designated just for wrapping gifts.  Do you think she wrapped them herself?  I digress.  I actually like to do 'crafts' but don't find art to fall under that terminology.

Something is wrong with my 35mm.  I downloaded pictures but when I click on them the picture is there for a second and then it's gone and the screen is black.  I, of course, have left the camera manual in Florida and so thankfully I will be there within the week.  I just this second tried to download pictures I took a couple
days ago of me with the grand babies and they show for a minute and then go black too.  It must be
iPhoto.  I feel so much better.   I seem to recall this happening before but it was very short lived.  Unfortunately I can't show you my much loved and finished ring.  Another day when this little glitch is gone.

Gordon is reading me the paper, as usual,   The current mayor of Chicago has proposed to raise taxes on cigarettes to $6.41 a pack.  So a pack of cigarettes in Chicago will cost at least $12 a pack.  A carton has 10 packs in it.  If an average smoker smokes a half pack of smokes a day. they will be spending $180 a month.  And I am pretty sure that the average smoker smokes much more than that.  You would need to get a part time job just to afford to puff away.

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Robbie said...

You won't believe this but as I was having lunch with a friend today we were talking about SUV's and traveling to Florida...she said "well, you need the space for all your crafts"! Ah...what!!! My what!! I thought it was funny when your original post said 'new craft'...but can call it whatever...oh, I did so love your "craft room"!!! Sorry..couldn't resist!