Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I have been trying to make an appetizer a day.

If possible, I like to sit on my rump and watch tv while doing the assembly so I save some jobs for evenings.  These are the mini buns I make out of the frozen pack of Rhodes bread dough (three loaves to a pack and it makes exactly 10 dozen rolls).  I mix ketchup and yellow mustard together for the 'glue', precut cheddar and or swiss (whatever I want to use up) and little sirloin burgers I made ahead of time.

After assembly, I freeze on a tray and when solidly frozen, I bag.  The sirloin is cooked to just rare because when they are reheated, they cook some more, and I hate well done meat.

 These are to freeze (it's what I do) for friends and family to take home with them and also for my friends to eat when visiting Casa Fitzsimmons.
When I make my little pizzas (about a two inch rounds) that consist of a light covering (I use my finger pad) of olive oil and top it with a couple slivers of roma tomatoes, an olive slice and fresh mozzarella.  I bake for about five minutes, at 350ยบ, just until every thing is set and then I freeze.

This way, when I put back in the oven, they are not getting over done.  I have the oven much hotter for the thaw, and that way, they are crisp.



SpikeMuffin said...

Chez Fitzsimmons.

Robbie said...

Hungry! My stomach is growling already!!!!

Robbie said...

Hungry! My stomach is growling already!!!!