Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mum's the Word

I am so done with hardy fall mums.  Micky had hers planted and they didn't even last a week. Everytime we plant them they seem to break apart, just in the planting of them itself. I can be very delicate if I have to be and it so doesn't matter with a mum. It will split and turn brown before you take out the little plastic strip that tells you when and where to plant. Instead of mums last year I just went out to the street, and with Bella at my side in the golf cart, tossed out the equivalent amount of money the mums would have cost me. It seemed so much more practical than going through the mess of the soil in the trunk, etc.

You get the idea. Well, of course, I will eventually get to my point.
I decided to switch it up and plant decorative kale and top it off with a gourd.

It's been a good week now and they are still alive.  Our leaves are just starting to turn colors.  I love the fall.

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