Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Sweat Shop Recruits

Gayle is the only girlfriend that was here this past weekend that still works (she is the baby and hasn't cracked into the sixties yet!) and so she is also the one who came with unfinished work that she needed to work on.  The first one up is this quilt for her grandson's bed

that she finished up.  At first glance I didn't see the skate boards (my brain doesn't work in that era) but once I saw them, I couldn't believe I didn't to begin with!It is so cute.

Then Gayle got going on her daughter in law Candace's, wedding quilt

This is half of it.  Do I need to say that Candace has been married to her son for five years and they have Lottie, who is two?
We all have those projects, don't we?  This is an amazing quilt and nothing that I would have ever thought of but now, I want one.  Gayle?  Hostess gift?

Irene did tons of these blocks that started out as a random like color block that she then sliced through and added other colors.  It is a work in progress.  She also did a lot of knitting.  She's one of those knitters that don't have to look at what they are doing.  That is certainly not something that I can do!

The joke of the weekend was that Robbie took two days to put in a zipper of a little tote bag, called a hump tote, I think.  Anyway, she made a slap happy and the two day tote along with tons of this reverse appliqué stained glass hand job (I love saying that).  I am in the process of designing one to work on myself.

Robbie also was also concerned for all of us that have smart phones.  I found out that the little circle opening for ear buds is privy to dust and dirt and so she made us bling with a stopper to make sure, not only do we have the coolest phone on the block, but it is dust free.
Sometimes you just need someone to point out all that stuff that you just didn't know and now can't live without.  Wait until you see my phone bling.  You will be so jealous!


Robbie said...

So glad you will have a 'hand job' too. I love having a 'hand job' on the road! Can't wait for yours! And glad you are 'lint free'! Enjoy!

Gayle from MI said...

Last night after I got home from work and getting groceries. I cut all 65 fat quarters and sewed them all into strata strip sets for your neutral queen sized quilt. I figure I should have it all finished up by Halloween! I'll mail it to you!