Monday, October 21, 2013


I will show you what was accomplished by my internet friends tomorrow. We got a late start and there are a lot of pictures I need to crop, etc.

Instead I will show you what I got done.  I had already quilted this unnamed quilt a couple days before but I managed to get the binding on and sewn down.  I left that project for nighttime tv watching and chatting.  It measures 54 x 68.  I just decided on the name; 'Every Picture Tells a Story'.

This top was finished on Thursday.  It measure's 18.5 x 33.  I managed to get it quilted

on Saturday and I finished the binding yesterday before the gals left.  I have named it 'The Road Less Traveled'.

Oh, and I made a snap happy tote but forgot to take a picture!!!!

The studio seems a little lonely this morning!!!!


dee said...

Fantastic work. "The Road Less Traveled" looks soft and inviting making one want to travel that road- the colors are yummy and as always your quilting makes it even better. LOVE!
How great to be able to spend time with such a talented group. Wonderful work by all.

Gayle from MI said...

Great names for those pieces!