Friday, October 18, 2013

Puff and Stuff

I finished 'The Panther' by Nelson DeMille and had to google him to see what he was up to and to my surprise he has a new book called 'The Quest'. Yeah!!!! I don't think it's a John Cory series tho' and I will miss that.

Yesterday's appetizer I made was a bigger and better Brie Puff.  I decided that the size I made them before, although a one bite size, was too small and fragile.  I went from an inch cookie cutter to an inch and a half.  Believe it or not, the puff pastry actually shrinks from side to side as it grows in height.  These are more yummy. and you always need a couple apps that don't have to be hot or warm.  These are very 'go to' for that reason.  And a little sweetness never hurts.

I have some gal pals coming for the weekend.  I have to get ready to welcome Gayle, Robbie and Irene.  Appetizers are on the menu for tonights dinner.  I am ready.

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