Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Eater

On our way back from Door County a couple weekends ago we stopped at a McDonalds for G to take a potty break and it was under renovation so we had to park a way from the normal parking lot. Bella and I were just sitting there when we noticed a cart/truck trailer just sitting out in the middle of nowhere with pumpkins of all sizes and indian corn rafia'ed together in groups of three for sale. The pumpkins were grouped by size and priced accordingly. The more I got to looking at them the more I had an idea formulating in my brain. How about making something for a dinner for my quilter friends who were coming the next weekend, that can be presented in a pumpkin? I bought eight and paid in a strong box that had a slit in the top and was padlocked but I could have easily taken the strong box rather than my pumpkins. It the city you could never get away with that.
I still have two left (decoration on the 3 season porch) but I cooked one a couple days early to see how it would hold up to the oven and still last for a day or so.  Not so much.  I ended up cutting and cleaning them in the afternoon before serving.  I ended up googling my wishes for a hearty stew type meal served in a pumpkin and settled on one of Martha Stewart's.  The link is here.
I made one wrong purchase when buying the turkey sausage.  I got fully cooked and it would have been better (juices etc) if it wasn't cooked and with casings that were not able to be removed.  The navy beans were

so wonderful with just the bouquet garni that I could have eaten the whole cooked bag myself.  It reminded me of something my mom used to make us kids when we were little.

If anyone out there wants to make this, add more stock.  As we scraped the pumpkin into the stew, it got real thick (and why use the pumpkin if you don't eat it, right?0 so starting with a less thick mix would make it just about perfect.  It is a delightful looking dish and perfect for fall.  And you don't have to wash the bowls!  Try it!  You'll like it!

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SpikeMuffin said...

Is that sausage in there!? Outstanding!