Sunday, October 20, 2013

Show And Tell

This is some of the quilts that the girls shared with us.  Irene is first up with these two quilts.

She has a great sense of color.
This one is Gayles and it is a group effort where four people made a flower and cut it apart and swapped them with each other.
This is Irene's.  In fact it reminds me of what she worked on while she was here; the first part of the blocks anyway.

This is Gayles and she used the same theme for one of our 12" blocks we shared with each other.

Gayle did this in a Phil Beaver class.  He is the guy that  does lots of nature work.

These next two are Irenes and it looks like she was inspired by one
to make another.

These two are done by Robbie.  She does lots of detail and uses beading.
She plays around with paint and dyes and lots of glitzy itty bitty beads.
Check out this completely beaded mardi gras mask.  Gorgous!!


Robbie said...

Nice seeing show and tell again! I'll post more pics tomorrow...have to go now...BATH TIME!

Gayle from MI said...

Great pictures! They look good all together like that!