Sunday, October 27, 2013

Snap Happy

I visited the dollar store the other day to get myself a couple $1 metal tape measures.

Sometimes I can't even believe that something like this can sell for $1!  It has a rubber jacket and a metal clip to fit onto your belt (that's where I like to keep mine).

To utilize the metal measure itself you need to unscrew the clip and pry off the rubber cover.  A couple screws later you

the inner workings and you hold onto the tape and place a rubber band on it so it doesn't become snake like and spiral out of control.

Now you are ready to make a Snap Happy tote bag.  You need to decide how wide it's gonna be finished (you need about a 1/2" on either side for a french seam).  Using this technique as a top closure is very efficient.  It's like having a snap bracelet.

I randomly cut two lengths of ruler and then cut them the same size and cut the ends
so that they were round.

I taped these round edges so any sharpness wouldn't tear through the fabric.  These eventually go into the top casing and each side of the top has one.  You put the ruler in with the numbers facing you on both sides so that they are snug together and close the tote very well.  In other words, the curves match on each side.
I made this one yesterday for my daughter who, after seeing one I made last weekend, asked for one that would be a little bit bigger than a cosmetic bag, like one that could hold a full sized brush. It's probably 12'' wide by 10'' in height.  I aim to please so I whipped it up.  This one turned out much better than the first one I made.  I also made the bottom boxy so that it can sit upright.   The prairie points are on both sides and they are to open the top where the ruler pieces are incased.


Claudia said...

Very nice...Christmas in November? I'm just sayin'

Gayle from MI said...

Great looking snap bag! I made one that size for Matte's small American Girl stuff.

Robbie said...

This turned out so nice!!! It's a Tommy Piece for sure! Aren't they fun to make!!! And little ones make a great bag to hold gift cards!