Friday, November 22, 2013

A Couple Of Things

Here you have Kathy and me bellying up to the bar to celebrate

the very first Weight Watcher meeting in the area.  We all went to support the group
because if there wasn't a good turnout, they would have moved elsewhere.  Here we are
showing all the propaganda we received at the first meeting.  How many points are we holding?  I am guessing that most of the other people that showed up didn't head to happy hour.  Hey, their loss!

This is where the fish quilt top is so far.  I am debating whether to paint the eyes or sew them in.  Some will be very small.  I have to think about it.  I can't get too far now because tomorrow is our last day down south until after Christmas.

I just saw a SnarkEcard and it read  'Thank you ATM fees for allowing me to buy my own money.'  So true, so true.


Claudia said...

Just think, if I was coming up for Thanksgiving, my project would be to look for tiny button eyes for the fish, I just know it.

Robbie said...

Lovin the fish!!!