Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Few Extra Links

My go to gal, Anne, who I attend Houston with on the off years that I attend, just sent me a picture

of my quilt 'Linkin Park' that was hanging in the International Quilt Festival this year.  It measures 54 "wide by 42 1/2" high.

And as Anne called it, here is proof positive of its entry.  The show is over so I am guessing that it will be coming back to me soon.


Robbie said...

I seem to remember you working on this complicated but so worth while!! Very cool...and what else is cool is your facing technique! I used it on a smaller piece and just tried it again on a larger it!!! Thanks for that tip!!!

Gayle from MI said...

I really enjoyed watching you make this one and I love how it turned out. The colors are so rich.