Friday, November 15, 2013

Little People

I decided to tackle a new project while I am in the dregs of the fish quilt, making decisions and doing lots of exercise, going from the studio to the large plate glass window in the great room that houses the fish quilt pattern.  This new project is tiny and I am not kidding.  It is for the SAQA Trunk Show commemorating its 25th anniversary.  All the quilts have to be exactly 10" high and 7" wide.

The show is to highlight the members of SAQA and their artistic expression.  If you gave me ten seconds to explain my artsy fartsy thinking as it pertains to art quilts I would say whimsy.  And saying that, the  'say cheese' and photos from around the world' that I have done make me smile.  I decided to do an itty bitty rendition of them.

The 'bodies' and their background are all batiks and the outside framing are hand dyes.   It took me a bit to get the sizing down to a usable size in order to fit into my size restriction.  Here are the tops of the quilts.  The width of the quilt has to be seven inches exactly so so the math.  Each of these minis are less than 2 1/2".

There was more waste than there were quilt tops!  There's not a scrap in this pile bigger than an inch on any one side.  Yeah, I was tempted to save them.  What's wrong with me?

I added batting and backing and did a little quilting and then satin stitched around all four sides, leaving tails of thread so that I could use them to make a tassle.
When they were complete, I cut a piece of paper to 10" x 7" and started laying the itty bitty quilts down to fit within the parameters.  I then pinned them down and sewed them together.

This is the finished quilt.  I have to say, it is pretty adorable.  Is that my artistic expression?  Adorable?
Maybe.  Just maybe.

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Robbie said...

Yes, adorable...just like you!!!