Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Clean Bill Of Heath

G and I just finished up having a physical in our home for renewing our life insurance. It took hours!

Now I am trying to get two pictures off of Facebook so I can show you the before and after picture of my childhood street that got leveled on Sunday by a tornado just outside Peoria, Illinois. There is nothing left of the community. I don't have a clue as to how to get the pics off Facebook. I have tried everything.

I'm gonna make coconut shrimp in a few minutes. They will make a nice addition to my guac and chips, rueben balls and kale, gruyere and squash tarts for my dog park cocktail party I am having this evening. Time is ticking away for me today.

 This is an add on. My brother took pity on my less than stellar computer skills and he sent me the picture of before and after directly to my email.
In the top picture you can see the curved street  (Gilman) that my family lived in while I was in college and the house I lived in until I married.  The second picture is that same street after the tornado hit on Sunday.  It's hard to believe that could happen just like that.


Gail Baar said...

You can click on the photo, then click on options, and download it to your computer.

Corky said...

Wow. Mother Nature is a powerful force.

Robbie said...

Amazing what Mother Nature can give us and what she can take away from us....very sad...

wpritchett said...

Or, highlight the pic, and do cut, copy and paste. Ctr C, Ctrl X, then Ctrl V - to paste it.
I live straight east of Peoria and things got whacked hard around here, too. Lafayette, IN lost two schools. It's was a crazy day for my birthday.